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1-1 coaching

We work on a personalized program tailored to your specific goals in the areas of nutrition, fitness, stress management, etc.

Meal prep

An in person visit or zoom call where I teach you how to prepare meals in bulk, perfectly portioned for the week. We also offer a personal meal prep program where I prepare and portion your meals plus deliver them once or twice a week. This is all personalized to your individual goals.

Pantry Cleanout + Fridge Organization

An in person home visit were I organize your pantry and refrigerator with healthy and delicious foods that are easy to access. I also provide you with meal and snack ideas with what is stacked in your refrigerator.

Food shopping & cooking demo

A trip to the supermarket together were I show you how to choose the best foods to set you up for success in your health goals. With this program I also teach you how to properly read labels. The cooking demo option you can add it to the program as an extra service. I teach you how to cook a few delicious healthy meals with what we shopped.

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